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The Graduate Institute of Education was established in 2000 as one of the most valued graduate program in the university. The founder, chairman ,and most of the administrators all have practical educational administration experiences and generous academic background. In the future, we will invite several famous scholars who have excellent performances in specific field to join our faculty. We have updated teaching resources and equipment, including Chinese and English textbooks and academic hardware and software installations. Many of our students will receive in-service training in school. They serve as educational administrators at domestic education offices, principals, directors or teachers of elementary and junior high school. They can put the theory into the practice at their workplaces that it made our teaching outcome became more efficient. In fact, teaching is learning and vice versa.

Cultivating the talented people and navigating the goals of the education.

We cultivating the graduate students hold the educational profession abilities to be the education administers who has execution power and the teacher who can develop the curriculum and instruction.

The features of development
1. Balancing between the education theory and practice, energetically cultivating the talented people of education scholars and administrators.
2. Offering the opportunities for in-serve training teachers and administrators, promoting the level of educational profession,.
3. In response to the needs of the mass information and digital era, it emphasis to cultivate the talented people of the school administrators and teaching creativity.
4. Coordinating the needs of local area, it incorporates the academic and community, then it initiating the academic localization.
5. Coordinating the development of features of leisure industrial of the TSU, it cultivates the teachers of leisure education, and corresponds to the goals of TSU.
6. Strengthening the international cooperation in order to expand the vision of international and exchange of the academic.

Outstanding Performance

1. Many alumni were qualified as the administrators, school principals or directors.

2. Most alumni had excellent performances in the field of administrative execution and curriculum leadership.

3. All the staff are qualified as senior professors or scholars and have specific contribution to educational areas.

4. We have diversity curriculum, professional teaching strategies, and the specialists in the subjects.

5. The graduate students’ dissertation are diversification and the quality of academic study progressing and elaboration.